Academic papers and professional articles contributing to the integral vision,
critical thinking and deeper understanding of potentials of human consciousness in everyday life.



  • Behavioral and Brain Sciences
    An International Journal of Current Research and Theory with Open Peer Commentary
    Discipline: psychology, neuroscience, behavioral biology, or cognitive science




  • Self & Society
    An International Journal for Humanistic Psychology
    Discipline: traditional humanistic approaches (e.g. Gestalt, person-centered, transactional analysis, encounter and group work, psychodrama, primal integration, focusing, body therapy, and co-counseling).




  • Foundations of Physics
    An International Journal Devoted to the Conceptual Bases and Fundamental Theories of Modern Physics
    Discipline: the debates on the nature of space and time involving Newton and later Einstein; on the nature of heat and of energy; on the nature of matter and measurement during the early days of quantum theory; on the meaning of renormalization, and many others.






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