An inspiring field of exploration, Integral Consciousness Studies focuses on integral understanding, holistic worldview, critical thinking, transformative empirical knowledge, practices, and various professional and training philosophies.

The Integral Consciousness Studies Program is an interdisciplinary academic and professional study that integrates specific aspects of neurobiology, the psychology of consciousness or transpersonal psychology, cognitive neuroscience, humanistic psychology, cognitive psychology, epigenetics, philosophy, as well as nonviolent communication, lucid dream work, emotional intelligence, etc.

Students pursuing Integral Consciousness Studies develop an integrated understanding of the ontology and potentials of human consciousness. The emphasis is on developing an interdisciplinary approach to the study of consciousness open to a broad spectrum of perspectives from the scientific to the professional and from analytical to the transpersonal.

ICS Program provides integral knowledge to enhance erudition and skills to bridge the gap between studies and everyday life.

The ICS Masters and Doctoral degrees have been developed by the Transpersonal Psychology Institute in a collaborative partnership with Rushmore University and are offered as unique Programs.

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General information on the ICS Program

Enhance your knowledge and skills with our courses offering effective, pragmatic skills up to postgraduate degree level qualifications:

  • ICS Graduate Degrees Program is carefully designed to bring valuable and pragmatically validated modern scientific information and methodologies that will increase your erudition and inner lucidity.
    Qualifications delivered by the ICS Graduate Degrees Program: M.Sc. ICS and Ph.D. ICS.
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ICS Program implements various scientific disciplines:

  • neurobiology and cognitive neuroscience,
  • epigenetics,
  • cognitive psychology,
  • humanistic psychology,
  • transpersonal psychology, and
  • quantum theory.

As an added value, the Program offers directly and empirically validated methodologies and practices that will enable you to put your newly acquired integral vision into practice at your work and in your life, if you so choose. (NVC – nonviolent communication, lucid dream work, dialogical self, emotional intelligence).

The ICS Program is scientific and academic, and at the same time, it is pragmatically oriented.

The ICS Program is carefully designed for students and professionals who see the value of adopting clearer insight into human nature in their lives and the professional environment.

Being interdisciplinary, the ICS Program is also for students and professionals who wish to enhance their academic credentials, cultivate deeper meaning in their life and work, deepen their self-awareness, or contribute to freshness in their areas of expertise to offer the best and most scientifically supported knowledge and methodologies to their students, customers, and staff.

Most students tend to be in one of the following professions:

  • Consultants, Coaches, Trainers,
  • Mentors, Teachers, Psychotherapists, Mediators,
  • Behavior Analysts, Medical Doctors, Biologists, Body language Experts,
  • Mindfulness Trainers, Hypnotherapists,
  • Transpersonal Coaches, Philosophers, and also
  • Meditation Teachers, Yoga Trainers, Meditation Coaches, and Spiritual Teachers  – all willing to explore their nature in greater depth through scientific elucidation and pragmatically validated empirical knowledge.

Currently, we are offering two ICS Programs to our students:

Both are similar in content yet differ considerably in terms of the transformative potential.

Anyone may apply for the Graduate Degrees study in the Integral Consciousness Studies Program.

As we screen applicants, one of the most important guiding criteria for admission is our assessment of your goals and your determination to achieve them.

While a previous undergraduate degree in a relevant field of studies is preferable, for professionals with extensive experience, the Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) may be considered. The RPL’s eligibility for the Integral Consciousness Studies Program will be examined on a case-by-case basis.

Application for Masters and Doctoral degrees in ICS is handled directly through the Office of Admissions by the Dean of Graduate Studies at Rushmore University.