The unique Integral Consciousness Studies Program is provided by Rushmore University and Transpersonal Psychology Institute.

We are committed to bringing scientific and pragmatically oriented educational programs worldwide.

Rushmore has, since 1995, offered a highly rated practicum in online learning for students around the world. Other schools look to Rushmore to help define their programs and to assist in the creation of alternatives to a brick-and-mortar learning environment.

Over 100 countries have been represented by current students and Alumni, and no wider range of subject matter is offered by any organization.

Rushmore offers not only an extensive catalog of courses and degree programs through its Open University Colloquium, but additionally, offers a program with courses meeting UK Accreditation Standards as curated by Chartered Management Institute, UK.

Every Rushmore learner works one on one with the Faculty member. There are no collective online classes; individual instruction is highly valued. Students identify individual study plans and confer with Senior Advisors to identify areas of study and opportunities for learning. 

Additionally, if a student wishes to study in an area where studies have not been previously committed, Rushmore will often hire experts in the field of study to tutor the student in the preparation of written papers illustrating the knowledge base of the learner.

Rushmore University is offering distance learning in both graduate and undergraduate degrees, complying with UK National Standards, as defined through Chartered Management Institute.

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Transpersonal Psychology Institute (TPI) is a private educational and research organization that focuses on ongoing research on the ontology and potentials of human consciousness, and advanced pragmatically oriented educational programs. 

Since its inception in 2011, several projects have been successfully introduced:

  • TCT® Academy, the three-year Program for humanistic and transpersonal consultants.
  • Integral Authentic Communication Program, a one year school for nonviolent communication (NVC) training.
  • Transpersonal Cognitive Therapy (TCT®), a new psychotherapy modality integrating cognitive, humanistic, and transpersonal psychology.
  • CNVK – Center for Nonverbal Communication, offering a wide range of seminars, workshops, and individual training sessions in body language, nonverbal communication, truthfulness assessment, and deception detection.
  • Integral Consciousness Studies (ICS) Program, TPI’s latest and most detailed educational Program to date (presented on this website).

By attending the aforementioned programs, hundreds of people from all walks of life have been inspired to sharpen their intent, deepen their self-awareness, and expand their authentic and transpersonal activities in all areas of their lives, as per their will.

The team that currently operates at the Transpersonal Psychology Institute consists of five authentic professionals, working in conjunction with TPI director Edmond Cigale, Ph.D.

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